orthodox christening candles

Orthodox candles and accessories


Our orthodox christening range includes,  orthodox christening boxes, orthodox christening candles, large personalised christening towels,  hand size towels and oil cloth sets.
Please visit our store in Sydney to discuss your Orthodox needs or call us on 02 9568 6050.

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Orthodox christening box

Glossy orthodox christening box with babies name. This box features a butterfly theme...
Christening headband with swarovski crystals

Floral beaded christning headband. Free headband when you order over $200.00 Valued...
Orthodox christening box

Glossy othodox box for your christening outfit. Babies name with soft cute teddybear
Orthodox christening box

orthodox christening box with babies name
Orthodox christening candle

Greek orthodox candle-canorth02
photo christening/naming candle

Christening candle/baptismal candle-candpa10
Christening box

Christening box with boat theme
Orthodox christening candle

Orthodox candle with organza ribbon. This candle can be made in a number of designs...
Orthodox christening box

Decorative orthodox christening box with babies name
Christening storage box with babies name

Christening storage boxd with wooden lettering.
Orthodox christening candles

Large orthodox candle-candorth07
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Choosing a christening gown for your child is an celebratory occasion. The ceremony itself marks the entry of your child into the Church local community and you will have both memories and pictures that last a lifetime. Usually, kids get christened between three months to nine months of age, so select your size accordingly. Almost all dresses are white-colored with lace or satin.